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by on Apr.20, 2019, under Basic Features

Over the past 7 years I have had the honor to work with music tech companies from FocusRite to Roger Linn to the FB360 team at facebook. Throughout that time I have usually had at least 2 contracts, as well as spending whatever free time I could to work on the plugins you see here.… Read More
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Infinity Synth – A Universe of Sound

by on Jul.05, 2017, under Basic Features

Today we are proud to announce our first sample-based synth. Behold, Infinity Synth! We named this Infinity Synth because, in addition to the large bank of sounds it ships with, additional samples can be auditioned and purchased directly from the synth, allowing you to create your own custom, infinitely large preset library. Infinity Synth brings… Read More
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MPE Compatibility for Addiction Synth

by on Apr.24, 2017, under Basic Features

In case you haven’t heard, a revolution is underway in synth land. A new standard called Multidimensional Polyphonic Expression, or MPE, is gaining traction with a new generation of hardware controllers. We at Stagecraft have been excited about this for some time, and are happy to announce that Addiction Synth is now MPE compatible. Below… Read More
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Live Looping Revisited

by on Dec.27, 2016, under Basic Features, Digital DJ, Loop Concepts

Live Looping is what got me into this industry. A couple decades ago, being dissatisfied with the hardware live looper pedals, I endeavored to build my own. Years of work eventually led me to a software version I named FlyLoops Looping Studio. While that product never went anywhere, it became a launching off point for… Read More
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EchoThief Convolution Reverb Plugin

by on Nov.13, 2016, under Advanced Features, Basic Features, Plugins

In recent years, convolution reverbs have become quite popular. Into the fray, we introduce the EchoThief plugin, a collaboration with Dr. Chris Warren, creator of the EchoThief impulse response library.   The EchoThief library was created using custom, state-of-the-art signal processing technology that enables the recording of impulse responses in acoustic spaces that are too… Read More
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New Styling for the New Year!

by on Dec.25, 2012, under Basic Features, Digital DJ

What a year we’ve had! Thanks for the 200,000+ downloads and keep it coming! The beta team is roaring with new suggestions and massive things keep coming. And now this – we are styling for the new year. Whats our quest? Delivering a new way to DJ – we’ve added a grid of sample players… Read More
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Vinyl Support Arrives

by on Jun.29, 2012, under Advanced Features, Basic Features, Digital DJ

Joining the ranks of elite professional DJ software, Livetronica Studio now supports timecoded Vinyl – specifically Traktor, Torq, and Ms Pinky formats (no Serato support yet). We still have one of the only DJ software out there that gives you quantizable freq shifts (up to 4 octaves), bpm shifts (up to +/- 8 times play… Read More
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LaunchPad Support Arrives!

by on May.28, 2012, under Basic Features

We’ve started adding control surfaces to the software. First up – Novation’s incredible LaunchPad controller. The LaunchPad is one of the most popular midi controllers of the last few years. If you own one, Livetronica will now find it on startup. The Launchpad can be used to trigger clips and loops, and will light up… Read More
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Features Tour

by on Mar.07, 2012, under Basic Features

This video takes you through nearly every aspect of the software, and shows off looping, scratching, Soundcloud integration, midi mapping, turntable effects, and vinyl support. downloadable now available!
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Draw your own Filters!

by on Nov.30, 2009, under Advanced Features, Basic Features, Other

Just a sneak peak at one of the newest features being developed for FlyLoops. The screenshot below shows the prototype for a type of equalizer that lets you draw your own filter envelope. The filter variables are mappable to Midi commands, or controllable with the mouse, allowing users to change the way loops are EQ’ed… Read More
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