“It’s rare to be able to enjoy such a compelling synthesizer for free”
BedroomProducersBlog.com (Infinity Synth)

“Stagecraft Software has forged their own path in the music software industry. This week, the firm has introduced the highly innovative Infinity Synth”
Reverb.com (Infinity Synth)

“Stagecraft Software have an impressive array of free and economically priced music software and plug-ins”
Ask.audio (LaunchCraft)

“One of the most fascinating tools Stagecraft has created is the Scratch Track plugin, which allows turntable sample manipulation within DAWs”
DJ TechTools (Scratch Track 3)

“Designed for people who want a turntable-style interface for their DAW”
MusicRadar (Vinyl Lab)

“simple and intuitive, but with the depth of any professional subtractive synth” Synthtopia (Addiction Synth)

“Use virtually any audio interface plus a host software that supports VSTs and you are in business” Mixcrate (Scratch Track)

“Scratch Track is about the most universal, easiest way yet to drop scratching into a project” Create Digital Music (Scratch Track)

“super handy if you’re looking for samples and loops to flesh out an idea” DJ Techtools (Cloud Browser)

“plugin features that take timecode to the next level” DJ Techtools (Scratch Track)