EchoThief Convolution Reverb Plugin

In recent years, convolution reverbs have become quite popular. Into the fray, we introduce the EchoThief plugin, a collaboration with Dr. Chris Warren, creator of the EchoThief impulse response library. echothief_screenshot   The EchoThief library was created using custom, state-of-the-art signal processing technology that enables the recording of impulse responses in acoustic spaces that are too noisy to capture using other methods. With the EchoThief plugin, we bring you over 300 of these high-quality impulse responses recorded using this technique. From typical convolution reverb standbys such as concert halls, to previously inaccessible spaces such as the Batcave from the original 1960s TV show, this plugin will give you an unprecedented range of acoustic spaces to play in. The plugin also features wet/dry mix and a filter that allows you to apply reverb to just a portion of the frequency spectrum. Beautiful high-res wide-angle images of the spaces captured round out the experience. We’re quite excited about the technology behind this one too! What sets the EchoThief impulse responses (IRs) apart from other IR libraries is the cutting edge IR measurement technology developed by Chris as part of his PhD thesis in computer music at UC San Diego. Most impulse responses are measured by recording an impulse (a starter pistol, popping balloon, hand clap, etc) in the space being emulated. More sophisticated methods involve specialized frequency sweep signals and carefully-placed high-end speakers and mics. The problem with all of these methods is that any noise introduced during the recording will be introduced into the audio signal. This renders many acoustic spaces inaccessible due to ambient noise (e.g. a freeway underpass that will never be quiet enough to get a clean recording). Chris’ method uses novel measurement signals and sophisticated digital signal processing to allow accurate impulse response measurements in any environment. Download here: Download for mac Download for Windows