• Scratch Track

    Scratch Production Plugin

    Scratch Anything
    Record Directly to the DAW

  • Glitch Machine

    Professional Glitcher Plugin

    Control stutter probability
    Pitch shifting
    Triplet timing
    Scale quantization

  • Loop Lab

    Next Level Looping

    Control speed, pitch, tempo, stack delay
    Full parameter automation
    Effects (delay, multi-band EQ, bit crusher, and more)
    Real-time visualization of stereo field

  • Addiction Synth

    Subtractive Synthesizer

    Deep. Dark. Dirty.
    Intuitive and Simple
    Killer Presets
    Effects Chain
    High Res Spectrum

  • BitCrusher

    Bitcrusher Plugin

    Bit rate
    Bit depth
    Stereo Spread (with visual feedback)
    LFO filter

Infinity Synth!

Check out our latest – a synth with a universe of sounds, and more added each day!

New RingMod plugin

The newest in our family of effects plugins built with EDM, DJs, and live performance in mind!

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Tutorials and demos of all our software is available on youtube, see what we’ve been up to week to week as we add videos and show off the latest features.