Live Looping Revisited

Live Looping Plugin Live Looping is what got me into this industry. A couple decades ago, being dissatisfied with the hardware live looper pedals, I endeavored to build my own. Years of work eventually led me to a software version I named FlyLoops Looping Studio. While that product never went anywhere, it became a launching off point for me to start Stagecraft Software, and create all the products we now sell. This month, I am returning to my roots, and creating a live looping plugin. All the components have already been built, and even exist already in other Stagecraft products, but assembling them into a live loop centered plugin is still a challenge. In figuring out what featured to include (and which to ignore) I am enlisting the help of any live looping artist out there who would like to give us input. So, over the next month I will hand out free copies of this plugin to anyone who wants it, in exchange for a little feedback on what we could do better. Full release now available, below. Cheers! Aaron Leese Download here: Download for mac Download for win