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Universal Plug – Load Any Plugin

by on Dec.05, 2015, under Advanced Features, Developer, Plugins

Ever get a new DAW you really .. really … liked, only to realize that you can’t get to some of your favorite plugins because it won’t host them? We’re talking to you … Logic Pro (loads AudioUnits but not VSTs) ProTools (loads only it’s own format – AAX) Bitwig (loads VST but not AU)… Read More
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The LaunchCraft is Away!

by on Nov.09, 2015, under Basic Features

As you may know, we’ve been busy Hacking the Launchpad Pro. Today we’re pleased to announce the official release of our LaunchCraft plugin for the LaunchPad. The LaunchCraft plugin extends the native functionality of the Novation Launchpad MK2 and Launchpad Pro. When using the Launchpad in Notes mode, instead of being locked into a single… Read More
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Scratch Track 3.0 Released

by on Nov.02, 2015, under Advanced Features, Basic Features, Digital DJ

We receive a ton of feature requests from Scratch Track users, and we’ve been listening. Today we are happy to launch the new and improved Scratch Track 3.0! We’ve added the most requested feature, MIDI platter support, as well as preset saving and sharing, effects chaining on individual samples or turntable output, and more: MIDI… Read More
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Robot MIDI Drummer

by on Oct.19, 2015, under Basic Features

More hacking fun for ya. This time from friend of Stagecraft Software Will Brayton and his Drummingbird project, a MIDI driven robot drummer. With velocity sensitive MIDI, the drums can be be surprisingly expressive. And because it takes any standard MIDI input, it can be controlled via live finger drumming or pre-recorded MIDI output from… Read More
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Hacking the Launchpad Pro

by on Sep.12, 2015, under Advanced Features, Developer, Other, Plugins

The recently released Launchpad Pro has generated a lot of buzz lately. With full RGB-color, velocity-sensitive pads, built-in MIDI support, and Push-like controls for Ableton, it opens up some interesting new possibilities. And at $299 to the Pushs’ $565, its price point might introduce new people to this category of devices. What’s really got us… Read More
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Rethinking the RingMod

by on Sep.08, 2015, under Basic Features, Developer, Digital DJ, Plugins

The Ring Mod is the dirty little secret of synth enthusiasts and dark hip-hop and dub producers everywhere, but it is little understood, and often overlooked. The Ring Mod has been used in the design on many, many synthesizers, particularly the early modular synths (Moogs, Oberheims, etc). Notably, it was also used as the voice… Read More
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New BitCrusher and AutoFilter Plugins

by on Sep.05, 2015, under Basic Features

Following the popularity of our free Delay plugin, we’re happy to announce the addition of two new free plugins: BitCrusher and AutoFilter. Here’s a video of the Bitcrusher in action. Both of these plugs are common residents of  EDM production environments. What we’ve set out to do here (as in all our plugins), is bring these classics into the… Read More
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New AAX plugins!

by on Aug.31, 2015, under Basic Features

  We now have several of our plugins compiled in AAX form (the plugin format used by Avid’s Pro Tools). The files are 64-bit and will work in any newer version of Pro Tools, VENUE, or Media Composer Systems. So far, we only have support for OSX (mac), but Window versions will be coming soon. Some… Read More
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Build your own Layout

by on Jun.16, 2015, under Basic Features

We’ve recently added support for custom layouts – you can drag-n-drop and resize the sample players, turntable waveforms (vertical vs. horizontal), effects, and nearly anything else. This allows you to build your own custom environment, featuring whatever effects or tools you find most useful. Additionally, we now have multiscreen support, so you can build immersive… Read More
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Building a Better Delay

by on May.05, 2015, under Advanced Features, Basic Features, Plugins

We just finished a massive upgrade cycle on all of our software, and have added a bunch of new features to our DJ Delay plugin. So what’s so special about our Delay plugin? We’re one of the only delays out there to show you a high resolution spectrum output for each line you can literally… Read More
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