FlyLoops v3.5 Released!

Website traffic is up, and everyone is emailing. Thanks so much for the support and suggestions, keep em’ coming. Here is a quick summary of recent changes, and a look at some things to come:

New features

  • new turntable visualization modes
  • vastly improved visualizer
  • better project wide bpm shifting and grain adjust
  • full support for AU and VST plugins and effects
  • better support for smaller screen sizes
  • draggable widgets and tools

Coming Soon …

  • saveable, configurable turntables
  • saveable, configurable visualization
  • equalizer
  • ms pinky turntable support
  • bundled 4Front VSTi/AU piano, electric paino and bass instruments
  • Open Sound Control for syncing multiple computers together

I am also on the lookout for some VST/AU amplifiers and effects to include with FL as well, so send suggestions if you have some that you enjoy using.