Simple Stems FAQ

by on May.18, 2023, under Uncategorized

What are “stems”? Stems are essentially the primary constituents of a song; they’re audio tracks which, when combined, create the final and complete mix. You can think of them as sub-mixes, independently controllable within the context of the entire product. For example, the aggregate of all the drums in a song can be put into… Read More
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Chaotic Returns!

by on Feb.14, 2022, under Uncategorized

The latest and greatest in our line of plugins, coming soon. This latest plugin is directly inspired by the KAOSS pads that were so popular a couple decades ago. The plugin allows you to set and control, with unprecedented ease, the parameters on up to 4 effects. You can choose from all the Stagecraft Effects,… Read More
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Quantization Revisited

by on Feb.14, 2022, under Uncategorized

Last fall I had to disable quantization, and a few other features, to make some changes to the codebase. I finally got around to re-enabling the features and also made some much needed improvements! See the details here:
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