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What is RingMod?
The Ring Mod is the dirty little secret of synth enthusiasts and dark hip-hop and dub producers everywhere, but it is little understood, and often overlooked. The Ring Mod has been used in the design on many, many synthesizers, particularly the early modular synths (Moogs, Oberheims, etc). Notably, it was also used as the voice of the Daleks (in Dr Who). More recently, Ring Modulators have been used to make distinctive dub-bass wobbles, and some of the weirder noises you hear in the music of Amon Tobin, for instance.
Design Your Own
design Our Overdrive Plug gives you 5 high quality distortions. Scaling in each distortion gives you a wide range of distortion possibilities, from light sweet distortions to heavy, dark or grungy growl distortions.
EQ and Compression
After the distortion phase is a four band EQ and compressor. Using these you can shape the sound, bringing out the sharper high tone portions, or the smoother deeper tones. Overdriving the compressor gives you another level of overdrive for an intense, thick sound.
The Overdrive 5 plugin features full automation of all parameters. This powerful feature unlocks the full potential of the plugin, allowing you to create more complex and expressive sounds than possible with manual tweaking.
ST samples Save presets and (optionally) share them with other Stagecraft users online.