Simple Stems

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So far on mac, reports indicate the build is stable and running faster than the legacy version.
The minimum OS is 11.

On Windows, we recently solved some compatibility issues, and it should be working well for all users. Minimum OS is Windows 10.

Should you try the newer version and have any issues, feel free to let us know. Also, here are the links for the previous version, for anyone that needs it.

mac version 1.0
windows version 1.0
Stems for Any Song
Simple Stems is a quick and easy way to decompose any audio into its constituent parts. Using an industry-leading combination of spectral analysis and artificial intelligence, this tool deconstructs songs into 4 crystal clear stems: vocals, bass, drums, and other (like piano or strings).

With version 2, we’ve upgraded Simple Stems to a new architecture which steps up the quality of the stems — making it even better for use-cases like remixing, sampling, or creating karaoke versions of songs.
Drag & Drop
Simple Stems is extremely easy to use! It runs as a standalone or plugin (VST3/AU/AAX). To get new stems you simply drop your audio on the splitter, wait a moment for the stems to appear, and then drag the stems directly to your DAW or desktop. Get new stems without leaving your flow or hopping online! File are automatically created in a folder right beside the original audio, so you can always find them later.
For more information, see our frequently asked questions