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What is RingMod?
The RingMod (ring modulator) is the dirty little secret of synth enthusiasts and dark hip-hop and dub producers everywhere, but it is little understood, and often overlooked. The RingMod has been used in the design on many, many synthesizers, particularly the early modular synths (Moogs, Oberheims, etc). Notably, it was also used as the voice of the Daleks (in Dr Who). More recently, ring modulators have been used to make distinctive dub-bass wobbles, and some of the weirder noises you here in experimental EDM.
Syncing & Quantization
We are also the first to give you a variety of syncing options. This means you can cause the ringing to immediately sync with the playhead as a straight, quarter note pulse (for example), or as an offbeat triplet, or 64th notes. You can even choose to quantize the sync frequency to pitch instead of bpm, for a variety of melodic ringing options. No other RingMod comes close to offering that level of control.
FFT The only RingMod out there to give you the option to use waveforms other than Sine for the Ringing Effect. This means you can alter the sound in more than just the typical “robot voice” way. Instead, experiment with a variety of transforms, all syncing, all precise, all unique. You can even skew the wayeforms (pulse width modulation) to get even more variation.
The SC RingMod plugin features full automation of all parameters (cutoff frequency, resonance, LFO frequency, LFO range, duty cycle warping, and wet/dry mix). This powerful feature unlocks the full potential of the plugin, allowing you to create more complex and expressive sounds than possible with manual tweaking.
ST samples Save presets and (optionally) share them with other SC RingMod users online.