“With programs like Livetronica springing up, should the crew at Ableton HQ be getting worried?”
– MusicRadar

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A New Type of DJ Software

Unlike traditional DJing software, Livetronica Studio lets you use loops and samples to build music on the fly, a way to scratch individual (or groups) of samples that is totally unique, and all the complexity and power of full DAW systems like ableton. The result is an environment of complete control – you can build out a system that lets you play music in a totally nonlinear way – adding and removing clips on the fly – scratching any element at any time – altering a custom chain of effects of your own choosing. Even the UI is customizable, so your setup can look the way you want, and give you the information you need at a glance.

Live Looping

Creation of live loops is incredibly easy with Livetronica studio. In addition to the typical record / quantize / loop paradigm of most looping hardware, Livetronica Studio offers a variety of advanced features. You can, for example, change the length of the loop after recording, alter the pitch, change the decay amount for infinite layering. There are also some advanced controls not seen in any other software looper (double clicking a midi input starts layering, holding a midi input deletes the loop).

Samples and Loops
ST samples

Samples and loops are the core of Livetronica Studio. We offer unprecedented control of an environment that can play overlapping loops in perfect time, and drop in samples at will. Controlling the way that loops interact in a musical environment, alongside turntables, has always been a challenge for existing DJ software. We give you full control, allowing turntablism in ways never before seen.

Effects and Synths

In addition to being a VST and AudioUnit host, Livetonica Studio comes with a broad array of native effects and synths. All our plugins have been designed specifically for electronic and dance music. All the timing parameters can be quantized in more ways than just the typical straight or triplets. This means that live creation of beats and manipulation of effects has never been better! This is software for controllerism.