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Fades in a DAW?
XFade is designed to give the producer or DAW DJ a simple crossfader, suitable for mixing, production, or live performance. This plugin allows you to fade between 2 input streams within the DAW, overlaying samples on each side as well.
Damn Fast
ST live XFade operates with 0 latency and can fade in/out more than once in a buffer, so it will be lightning fast even with larger buffers and older sound-cards. If you plan on crab scratching in your DAW, this is a must. Be sure your midi device is high speed, XFade can keep up!
Adjustable Cutoff
You can adjust the crossfade slope. Use a sharp curve for fast cuts, or a gradual slope for slow and smooth fades between tracks.
Add Samples
Additionally, there are sample players on each side, which can overlay audio int the mix. Keep an extra track to fall back on when mixing, blast an air horn or one shot for some extra energy, or have a loop to fall back on while your guys drop a solo. A must for live performance.