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What is RingMod?
The Ring Mod is the dirty little secret of synth enthusiasts and dark hip-hop and dub producers everywhere, but it is little understood, and often overlooked. The Ring Mod has been used in the design on many, many synthesizers, particularly the early modular synths (Moogs, Oberheims, etc). Notably, it was also used as the voice of the Daleks (in Dr Who). More recently, Ring Modulators have been used to make distinctive dub-bass wobbles, and some of the weirder noises you hear in the music of Amon Tobin, for instance.
design Capable of the strangest bleeps, bloops, whuuuuurls, and pprrrzzzzz – is it any wonder theremin is an often misunderstood and abused instrument? Here we take this strange and novel instrument as a template for a new way to control a mono synth.
A Powerful Synth
At it’s core, this is a mono-voice synth. It is perfectly geared for vintage style synth leads, with hard syncing and tone control similar to what you see from the great synth pioneers in early modular synths.
Unique Control
The novel idea with this plugin is that you can control pitch and volume each with a single variable (as you would with a theremin). This allows for new and interesting ways to manipulate the synth sounds. Since the synth is always mono with portamento, it slides between notes as you move up and down the range.
ST samples Additionally, we have added the option to quantize the input pitches. This way, as you slide the pitch control up or down, you will hear the sound slide through all the notes of the selected scale. Immediately develop skills that it takes traditional theremin players years to attain.