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Down and dirty, our take on this classic and vital effect is a time tested classic, embellished by our own custom touches. Use this plugin to alter the dynamic range of your signals and you will not be disappointed! Here is the quick low-down on all of it.
Limit / Expand / Gate
By simply adding downward and expansion modes, we allow our compressor to be used for a very wide variety of use cases. In addition to the traditional downward compression, you can use this plug for upward compression, as well as downward and upward expansion. You can use this compressor as a gate, expander, limiter, vocal compressor, noiser, denoiser, or any number of other dynamic shapers.
Sidechain & Mid-Side
For advanced users, we include a sidechain input and mid-side mode. We’ve made it very easy to configure for pumping (see our video on setting up a daft punk style sidechain in 1 minute). The Mid-Side mode is configurable to allow for some very exotic combinations (compress the side signal with the mid, the mid with the side, the side with the side, leave the side untouched and compress only the mid, etc)
ST samples We added a filter to the detector, so you can choose compression that reacts, for example, only to the bass hits. Advanced options, like the auto release, allow you to avoid pumping, or set the release longer and get the offbeat swells that are characteristic of so many techno tracks.
In short, the advantage of our plugin over others is price. You will not find another Compressor with this level of detail and range of features at this price point.