New Features

You may notice a lot of new business around Livetronica Studio (and a few “under construction” signs).

A quick update to everyone (and thanks for the emails):

1 – Turntable filters – now you can map XY effects like the turntable filters to midi controller with a single touch. The filter you see is designed to cover the entire frequency spectrum (20Hz-20kHZ), and allow the musician to simply touch the pad and apply a filter to either (or both) turntable(s).

2 – Library – Livetronica Studio now remembers recent projects / turntables / beats and places them all on the right hand side of the screen. Drag and drop the items into the views to load them. Additionally, soon you will be able to browse projects online (and share you’re own).

3 – Effects – Available VST/AU plugins are listed on in the library and can now be dragged onto most components, even other plugins (so you can add reverb to a VST piano, or drop a distortion effect onto a loop or turntable).