Two Turntables and a ….

vinyl lab

New turntable plugin?? You know it!

Download the free beta version here:
Download for mac
Download for Windows

Our latest project is an expansion on our commitment to bring turntable technology into the DAW. Coming very soon will be a VST/AU plugin with two turntables that you can load up in ableton or any other host and begin scratching with timecoded vinyl.

Just as Scratch Track was built with a few special features for electronica producers (automation, live input scratching), this new plugin has a few things for you hard core turntablists (we’ve added an effects chain with some killer new effects, more sample pads, and more advanced control of sample behavior and syncing).

Here’s the low down:

  • 16 sample players, assignable to either of 2 turntables
  • Timecoded vinyl support (all types of timecode supported)
  • Effects chain with assignable parameters
  • Fully midi mappable
  • VST and Audiounit compatibility (AAX coming soon)
  • Mac or Windows, 32 or 64 bit