DJ Turntablism

FlyLoops is a product that takes digital djing to a new level. Just one twist … you’ll need instruments. This is a looping device, and although it can open files as well as any other vdj turntable software, its best features come out when you record and spin live loops. You can even loop the output of the turntables as you scratch them, taking the music in a whole new direction. Group looping: If in a group of musicians, you can easily map any midi controller can be used to record any audio input, thereby grabbing a quick loop from any musician in the room, without getting audio from the rest of the group. What can you do with FlyLoops that you others can’t?
  • vst effects
  • record and manage multiple loops live , Controlling what loop(s) sit on what turntables
  • Resync intuitively to a chord progression
  • Frequency shift to 64x, bpm shift to 64x
  • Quantize how the turntables can shift the Freq, allow only certain scales
  • Quantize the bpm shifts, allowing or emphasizing certain types of beats