Building a Better Delay

We just finished a massive upgrade cycle on all of our software, and have added a bunch of new features to our DJ Delay plugin.

So what’s so special about our Delay plugin?

  1. We’re one of the only delays out there to show you a high resolution spectrum output for each line you can literally see how you are affecting the sound)
  2. Full quantization– you can set the delays to repeat on eighth-triplets, for instance
  3. Automation – you can automate any or all of the delay parameters. This allows us to create swells or sweeps, changing the echo time slowly, or making quick time gain adjustments for effects that go far beyond what you would expect a Delay to be able to do.
  4. Preset sharing– as with all our plugins, you can create and share presets with everyone else that uses this plugin.

Want the delay pan to float slowly right to left? No problem! How about randomly alteration of the repeat time? Easy! With automation complete, the possibilities are nearly endless.

Don’t believe it? Try it for yourself. The plugin is free and easy to use. There are a bunch of presets immediately available, and you can even create / save and share your own presets!