Advanced Features

Add a Turntable to your DAW!

by on Apr.25, 2013, under Advanced Features, Basic Features, Digital DJ

Add a turntable to your DAW with this simple plugin. Supports every type of timecoded vinyl on the market, let’s you scratch tracks, samples, and even live input. Download the free, 30 day trial below, or get the full version here Download for mac Download for Windows
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The Sequencer Arrives

by on Feb.15, 2013, under Advanced Features, Basic Features, Digital DJ

We’re stepped up our game again to bring you this sequencer, fully integrated with the scenes in Livetronica Studio. Scene transitions, easier than ever, will soon include bpm morphing in addition to the automatic crossfade. this means that you can now move seemlessly between loops, samples and tracks, all synced perfectly and controllable in a… Read More
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Automating a Scratch

by on Oct.04, 2012, under Advanced Features, Digital DJ

Programming the automation for scratching is something that has eluded the DJ tech community for too long.  Imagine for a moment, and plugin that allows you to program scratches the way you make beats, by automating parameters – tweaking until you get the perfect scratch.  Imagine a library of scratch automations that can be triggered… Read More
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Vinyl Support Arrives

by on Jun.29, 2012, under Advanced Features, Basic Features, Digital DJ

Joining the ranks of elite professional DJ software, Livetronica Studio now supports timecoded Vinyl – specifically Traktor, Torq, and Ms Pinky formats (no Serato support yet). We still have one of the only DJ software out there that gives you quantizable freq shifts (up to 4 octaves), bpm shifts (up to +/- 8 times play… Read More
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Putting Frets on the Turntable

by on Jan.01, 2011, under Advanced Features, Digital DJ

When a DJ runs his hands across a turntable, he doesn’t think about the pitch he is aiming for, he just feels it.  Move your hand quicker and you get a higher pitch, pull the vinyl back at high speed and get that high pitched vinyl scream that has defined so many grooves. In this… Read More
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Easiest Midi Learn on the Planet!

by on Dec.12, 2010, under Advanced Features, Basic Features

As a real time instrument, it is important to be able to customize Livetronica control to allow you to set up midi control and keyboard shortcuts quickly and easily. Just completed for the new Livetronica release is a versatile system for mapping virtually every command at the click of a button. Just right click (or… Read More
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Draw your own Filters!

by on Nov.30, 2009, under Advanced Features, Basic Features, Other

Just a sneak peak at one of the newest features being developed for FlyLoops. The screenshot below shows the prototype for a type of equalizer that lets you draw your own filter envelope. The filter variables are mappable to Midi commands, or controllable with the mouse, allowing users to change the way loops are EQ’ed… Read More
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New Visualizer Features, and Open Source Code

by on Oct.04, 2009, under Advanced Features

I worked the last few days at improving the visualizer features and getting a VST/AU standalone plugin version completed. Mapping is coming along nicely, which allows the user to map the variables of the visualization environment (color, rotation, movement) to what is happening musically (tempo, pitch, volume, turntable scratching). The plugin will be open source… Read More
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Improved Visualization

by on Jul.01, 2009, under Advanced Features

Within FlyLoops is a real time audio data visualizer that displays a waveform based on the live input audio, plus any looping or turntable output. The goal of this display is to be a professional level visualizer for the audio as it is being performed. Recent improvements to the visualizer include the ability to alter… Read More
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by on Apr.02, 2009, under Advanced Features

FlyLoops 3.0 also includes a waveform visualization studio which allows you to build live visualization that correspond with the music as it is being made (the visualizer uses the currently playing loops and turntables as well as any live input). The novel thing is that you can control the visualization. Decide which parameters vary, and… Read More
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