New AAX plugins!

  Addiction Synth in Pro Tools We now have several of our plugins compiled in AAX form (the plugin format used by Avid’s Pro Tools). The files are 64-bit and will work in any newer version of Pro Tools, VENUE, or Media Composer Systems. So far, we only have supportĀ for OSX (mac), but Window versions will be coming soon.

Some of you have been asking for this for a long time. Thanks for waiting! Most of these plugins are completely free (the synth is not, but has a 30 day trial).

The included plugins are:
  • Addiction Synth – our amazing subtractive synth, with unlimited preset sharing
  • BitCrusher – a bit crusher with full automation, noise filtering, and stereo spreading
  • AutoFilter – and automating, quantizing, filter
  • DJ Delay – a dual band delay with high res spectrums, and quantizing LFOs and timing
Download all AAX plugins for mac