Putting Frets on the Turntable

When a DJ runs his hands across a turntable, he doesn’t think about the pitch he is aiming for, he just feels it.  Move your hand quicker and you get a higher pitch, pull the vinyl back at high speed and get that high pitched vinyl scream that has defined so many grooves.

In this way a  turntable is an instrument more like a violin that a guitar.  No notes of off limits, you can spin the vinyl to produce frequency shifts of any magnitude.  With Livetronica Studio you can turn the turntable sensitivity up to well beyond that of a realistic turntable, and even hit freq shifts that are unrealistic or impossible on real turntables.

But lets go a step further.  What if, like the instrument woodworker putting the first frets on a mandolin you could produce a new instrument, one that was prone to certain note intervals, one that allowed certain notes but not others? The answer is pitch quantization.  Just as guitar has frets for every semitone, you can quantize the virtual turntables in Livetronica Studio to produce pitch shifts the correspond only to semitonic intervals.  Or, like some other instruments, you can quantize to only the major or minor intervals, or the blues or jazz scales.  There are even options for modal, flamenco and middle eastern scales in Livetronica Studio.

Not satisfied with sticking to a scale?  You can also set how strictly the turntable adheres to the scale.  You can push and pull the notes … sliding like a guitarist bending a note from one pitch to another to strain to hit that perfect blue note between the intervals.  It’s all there, Livetronica Studio has the most advanced pitch quantization of any tool in the dj’s arsenal.