Scratch Track 3.0 Released

We receive a ton of feature requests from Scratch Track users, and we’ve been listening. Today we are happy to launch the new and improved Scratch Track 3.0! We’ve added the most requested feature, MIDI platter support, as well as preset saving and sharing, effects chaining on individual samples or turntable output, and more:
  • MIDI platter support: Beginning today you can control our software using most MIDI turntable devices. Not all platters are supported, but since most MIDI platters work in the same way (sending two MIDI signals: one for touch and one for movement), we can easily use them for turntable control. By mapping the two platter MIDI messages to the “touch” and “scratching” parameters on the MIDI control panel, you can easily control the scratching. Additionally, we have added sensitivity and friction parameters to allow users to personalize the feel and responsiveness of their individual setup. You can program your setup for hyperrealism, other wordly physics-defying behavior, or anything in-between. We’re still figuring out which platters will work out-of-the-box, and which we’ll need to work on. So if it works for you (or doesn’t), please drop us a line!
  • Preset sharing: Save and share your custom configurations with other Stagecraft users online.
  • More sample triggers: We’ve increased the number of samples you can trigger from the UI from three to five.
  • Effect chaining: In addition to scratching, you can now apply any Stagecraft effect (or 3rd party effect) to your samples or turntable output, with full automation and preset sharing. Stratch Track 3.0 comes bundled with all effects found in separate Stagecraft plugins (Delay, AutoFilter, BitCrusher), as well as yet to be released effects such as flanger, chorus, Limiter, a Glitch Machine, and more.
To update Scratch Track (or trial it free for 30 days), find the download at the Scratch Track product page. Happy scratching!