Easiest Midi Learn on the Planet!

As a real time instrument, it is important to be able to customize Livetronica control to allow you to set up midi control and keyboard shortcuts quickly and easily. Just completed for the new Livetronica release is a versatile system for mapping virtually every command at the click of a button.

Just right click (or CTRL-click) on any Livetronica button, knob or slider and you get a dropdown menu with a list of the currently mapped commands and the ability to change them.

All the parameters of the Beat Splicer are now midi learnable, so you can easily tweak your beats as you play.

The same is true of the visualization suite. All the parameters can be mapped quickly and easily to midi control surfaces so you can control the waveforms in real time. Or map the Livetronica drums and turn any midi surface into a drumset.

In midi learn mode, you can see what items have been mapped, and what other items can be mapped.