To Boldly Go ….. (The Theremin Synth)

Ok, we have a few new things cooking … but this one should get a some of you excited.

Here is a stripped down subtractive synth with controls in the style of a Theremin (you know, those goofy instruments that consist only of a couple magnetic rods).

You’ve surely found yourself at some far too avant garde art-house late one night after a few too many, staring at n amazon in a clown suit waving her arms around one of these items and creating otherworldly whirls, twirls, wheezles, tweedles and humms?

If you managed to remember what she told you the next day, you might have googled “theremins” and found that there are some truly incredible musicians who waste what can only be an eternity learning how to play these odd instruments.

Exhibit A:

Anyway, and more to the point, it’s hard not to be inspired by the simplicity of control embedded in this modern and yet somehow archaic instrument. There are simply 2 controls, volume and pitch. The rest is up to you.

I should note that we’ve gone a bit further, and added quantization options for scales and modes and all the rest, as well as portamento. Also, rather than just a sine wave, you have 3 very versatile oscillators, complete with hard syncing and duty cycle (ok – those are catch phrases that should basically make you think of moogs and early synths).

So, if you’ve ever wanted a vintage synth with a theremin style control option … this is your lucky day!

You can download the plugin with these links:

Download For Mac
Download For Windows