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Infinity Synth

Today we are proud to announce our first sample-based synth. Behold, Infinity Synth! It’s a free synth (but the sample banks are $1 each). The idea is you can build your perfect synth, and not pay for any nonsense samples you don’t want. You get $25 in credits when you first download, to get started.

We named this Infinity Synth because, in addition to the large bank of sounds it ships with, additional samples can be auditioned and purchased directly from the synth, allowing you to create your own custom, infinitely large sample bank.

Infinity Synth brings you everything you come to expect from a modern, professional synth. An intuitive, modern GUI, LFO filterbank, audio spectrogram visualization, the full range of Stagecraft Effects (delay, reverb, flanger, bitcrusher, vocoder, and more), etc. It also adds support for an important new standard: Multidimensional Polyphonic Expression (MPE). This standard, developed by a coalition of audio companies led by the venerable Roger Linn design, allows for polyphonic expression of every note. Using standard MIDI, pitch wheels and other hardware controllers can only modulate the entire MIDI stream (i.e. all notes at once). MPE sends every note in its own MIDI channel. This allows you to modulate parameters (pitch, etc.) for individual notes (polyphonic expression). We believe this is a big deal. Especially for the new generation of Polyphonic Multidimensional Controllers (PMCs) that give musicians new dimensions of expressiveness.

Check out the Infinity Synth product page for more details, or download below and get started!