NAMM 2016


Man, this was an overload. For anyone that hasn’t been to NAMM yet – be aware that it is nothing more or less than 4 long days of complete overstimulation.

The NAMM Show itself consists of 3 enormous warehouses stacked atop each other and packed with gear of every sort. The grand piano room alone is the size of any guitar center, stuffed wth hundreds of grands and baby grands.

Additionally, there is music everywhere you look: outside, inside, in the basement, at the hotels, and anywhere else you could conceivably stuff a guitarist, DJ, midi controller, mixer, or anything else even vaguely related to the music industry. There was a row of analog synth companies, each with their latest gear and a dozen or so would-be-Synthers frantically patching cables and adding their sounds to the bleep-bloop-pop-crack cacophony.

It’s the worlds biggest mess of new gear and musicians, filling the enormous Anaheim Convention center each year. And this year, I was honored and excited to attend.

So like most of the people in attendance, I came home with the urge to share some of my favorites.

DJ Angelo
Cutting it up at the Reloop booth. Reloop makes some of the best (and best priced) turntables available today. Unlike the new Technics 1200 (which we learned this year at CES, will cost you $4000 … yikes!!!).

This company, Emulator UK , has been building software for custom DJ touchscreen interfaces for a while now. Check out the videos at the website for some truly impressive tech.

If Roli isn’t on your radar yet, they should be! The seaboard series keyboards are some of the most innovative instruments to show up on the scene in a long time. The newest models (rise series) go far beyond the primitive midi notions of velocity sensitivity, to give you 5 distinct dimensions of control for every key strike.

Synth Island
Analog synths have been all the rage for a few years now, and this recent resurgence was evident at the Moog booth, where you could sit on cushions around the “island” and patch cables all day …. bleep, bloop, whiiirlll.

Tracktion was showing off a novel new synth that morphs from organic sounds to mechanical ones. The sounds and graphics of this were quite nice, bring on the soundscaping!